Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Those who read last week's edition of THC will know that we started the decorating process for Christmas. Well, this week was definitely a continuation, with a hefty dose of Christmas activity thrown in. We had 3 different dinners with 3 different groups of friends last week- one out, and two at our home. We also had people over for gingerbread decorating, went to several Christmas-themed events, and bought pretty much all of our Christmas presents. 'Tis the season.

It's been great!

These pictures are from the "Neigh-tivity" event that our church did at a park in downtown CDA. Free hot drinks, choir music, and a petting zoo (including a camel) for the public to enjoy. It's a nice break for busy shoppers. Good times. Also- take a look at Rachel in that picture with Lindsey. Isn't she radiant? I love that girl!

We had a bunch of friends over to build gingerbread houses. Here's Addy's.

School Christmas carnival. Addy and Jack are doing Karaoke in front of everyone. They did good because we practice at home all the time. Seriously.

Rachel and Maren stood in the cold for two hours and rang the Salvation Army bell. I asked Maren how it was. She said "cold." That's all.

Also, not really related, but we have some school pictures to post:

Have a good week!

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