Monday, October 16, 2017

I mentioned in the last post that Fall has officially arrived in Post Falls. Anyone who knows our family knows that I love this season. They also know that we have a annual family tradition of picking apples and baking with them. This year did not disappoint.

What a great time of year!

Other things we have been up to:

-Rachel went to the Tri-Cities area in Washington for a two day interpreting conference. She brought her bike and had a great time, both at the conference, and on the river trail.

- The study club that I am a part of has started up again for the year (it coincides with the school year). This is a place where I meet with a bunch of other doctors to discuss the most recent changes in our profession, as well as to perform live surgeries for each other using these techniques. For my first case of the year I placed three implants on the same patient with very little room for error. Things went perfectly.

- We're busy getting the house, yard, cars, and boat ready for the oncoming winter. I have set up some winter climbing trips with friends to help me look forward to the short, cold days ahead. We are also discussing season passes for the family at one of the local ski resorts, but we need to make sure the kids are on board before we commit ourselves. With all this, I'm actually sort of looking forward to the snow. **Remember this in March**

- Everyone is doing great in school and in their various extracurricular activities. Meanwhile, Rachel and I are enjoying the freedom of having all the kids in school.

Have a good week!

Lindsey's new favorite sleeping place- inside the ottoman!

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

By Evelyn

I've mentioned it in the last few blog posts, but things have slowed down for us and it is a nice break before the holiday season sets in. Fall is easily my favorite time of year and it has finally arrived up in North Idaho. The air has taken on a slight chill and smells faintly of wood-smoke. The leaves are starting to change color. Football season is in full swing. School is back in session. Life is good.

Fall is also a time when we relax a little bit, and it has been nice the past couple of weeks just doing whatever. Nothing big. Just normal. It's nice.

Here's some pictures:

Lindsey at SOS. Ignore the band aid on her face. It is just there to appease her. She had a red dot on her skin.

With school back in session, I thought it was time for a little organization in the garage. Lindsey helped me make these "lockers" one day while Rachel was at work.
A few weeks ago I mentioned a hike that me and Ev went on. She wanted to show the whole family. It starts out by going down the "caverns"- a series of tunnels down to the riverbed. It's actually sort of cool.

After rock-jumping for a while you reach a nice little swimming hole. "Hidden Lakes" is what Ev calls it. By the way, I LOVE that we live in a place like this. I have fond memories of riding my bike to the creek near my house where I would also find secret areas, make forts, float on wooden rafts, and catch crawdads. These were some of the best parts of growing up for me. I love that my kids can have this as well.

Just a picture of Maren. Me and her and Lindsey went out to dinner at the ever-popular Golden Corral last night. The other kids were having a roller skate party with Rach as a reward for doing all their homework over the Summer.
Roller Skate Party!

A sweet picture of Jackson reading bedtime stories to Lindsey

Sometimes Rachel dresses up like a ladybug. Just one more reason to love her :)

Have a good week!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

It's great to be eight!

Happy Birthday Addy and Jack!

A walk down memory lane...

A few weeks ago we found out that we will be adding a new member of the family. On Friday we had an ultrasound to find out an accurate due date. 

We found out a lot more than that! It took me a while to process this image too. It looks like we have the joy of adding two more Hazards to our sweet family. That's right. Twins...Looking at this ultrasound gives me chills!

We are getting over the 'freaking out inside our heads' phase and we are into the extremely excited and a little bit daunted phase. We have successfully grown out of our car over this weekend (something Logan pointed out as soon as he saw the ultrasound), and our house is seeming a little bit cramped (It was so big when we moved in!). Everything will work out perfectly! We are ecstatic and Evelyn would be too if she knew what was going on. ;)

         -THC: February 8, 2009

We arrived home on Wednesday night. Our big eighteen week ultrasound was scheduled for The next day. We were finally going to find out the genders of Noodle and Twitch!

We gave them nicknames a long time ago, and Twitch has always lived up to her name. She is the one that constantly feels like a centepede or small earthquake in the left side of my belly. Noodle is the calm and collected baby that wiggles and kicks just enough to know that he is OK. We are VERY excited for our little boy and our little girl.

         -THC: May 3, 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen- We are announcing to the world the birth of the two most beautiful twins ever born! 
-THC: September 9, 2009

My, how our lifestyle has changed. I was looking through some pictures the other day and came across one of me and Rachel at Rock Canyon in Provo. I remember days when I would have a couple of hours between classes and I'd call Rachel up on the phone, and 15 minutes later we were walking up the trail to The Green Monster to go rock climbing. I remember when Rachel surprised me with a spontaneous 3 day trip to Vegas for our anniversary. Once, we drove up a canyon in the middle of winter and found some snow caves that were already made (probably scouts or something) and slept in them overnight. We used to keep camping and climbing stuff permanently in the trunk of our car for spontaneous outings like this.

Contrast that with now. As I was brainstorming what to write about in the blog I asked Rach what some of the highlights of the week were. After some thought she replied, "We spilled Cheerios." It's true. We have moved on to a new phase in our lives dominated by diapers and feeding schedules-short walks and trips to the zoo. Our energy is spent in short two-hour bursts because that is when the babies have to eat again. A trip to Walmart is a major accomplishment. We still do what we can to stay active- those who know us can certainly attest to that. But it is definitely different.
       -THC: November 22, 2009


Those years seem like they were yesterday! It was definitely a crazy time, and I remember that the sound of a baby crying was pretty much a constant fact of life. Since then, our family has grown up and we have figured out a pretty positive work-life balance that fits our family extremely well. They were good years though. Addy and Jack have definitely added to the overall flavor of our family- in really good ways. What a cool couple of kids.

Eight years. Wow. These guys are getting so big!

For their birthday party we put a lot of options on the table for them. Roller skating? Pool party? Beach? Climbing gym? Pizza parlor? Art place? The possibilities were endless. After talking it over, they decided they wanted the theme to be...

Wait for it...



Yeah. Archery. And they wanted it to be at our house.

Well, that's a lot more work than what we were anticipating. Rachel came through though, and the party was full of creative activities, lots of friends, and lots of fun. 

Here's some pictures.
Here's the cake that Rachel made. The top in M&Ms, and they make a target with arrows in it. She's so clever! You can also see the targets on the windows in the back of the next picture (for suction cup arrows). Besides this, there was a target shaped pinata, a javelin toss thing in the back yard, and homemade bow-and-arrow crafts...and lots of free time to just play. It was a good party.

Some people sent birthday money to them. Addy decided that with her newfound riches she would buy a compound bow (it matches the one that we gave Jack a few days ago for his birthday present).

Jack is really excited about his very own new fishing pole that his siblings picked out for him.

Look closely and you can see him fishing

He caught two fish the first time he went out.

In other news, Rachel is officially up and going with community work. I'm so proud of her!

Have a good week!

Friday, September 15, 2017

Well, with Rachel's last post it looks like we finally got caught up with our Summer on the blog. Whew! It's been a busy one. There is one last Summer adventure I want to record- one last thing before school started and we fell back into a comfortable and much-needed routine. That thing is the visit from my cousin, Tyson, and his family.

These guys are so much fun to hang out with because we have so much in common. We both have lots of young kids, and we both love this fact (most of the time). We also both go out of our way every chance we get to be active and pursue new experiences. This made for a very full, and very fun weekend.

To start out, we met them at Hiawatha trail-head on the Idaho/Montana border. There's no better way to start out a weekend than a nice, long bike ride through the mountains. Especially when one of the kids has training wheels and another just learned to ride a two-wheeler the day before. This was going to be great!

Well, that last sentence was definitely true. It was great. Things didn't go quite as expected for some people though.

By the end of the ride, Ty was riding with one of his kids on the handlebars, one on his back, three more in the trailer, and two bikes tied on top.

Amri coming through the tunnel. She did great on the ride and was very patient with her bike. I put the chain back on that thing 44 times before someone on the trail had a wrench with them, allowing me to make more permanent repairs.

Hooray for bike trailers!
The day after the ride, we spent the morning playing with cousins at home and then headed out on the boat to one of our favorite spots- Mica Bay. Camping by the water is always fun. We also got a great site- right next to a park, an electrical outlet, running water, a bathroom, and the beach. This is camping, right?

Monday morning was Amri's birthday, and we celebrated with donuts and more boating, swimming, skiing, and tubing. I've also got to mention how this was sort of a weird day on the lake because of all the smoke in the air. Visibility was pretty limited, unfortunately obscuring the customary beautiful views on this lake. It also made driving sort of surreal though- much of the time there was no shoreline in sight whatsoever and the water just seemed to go on forever- like in some sort of post-apocalyptic disaster scenario. At least that's what my imagination thought of.

Let's see how many people this boat can hold! Actually, things were surprisingly comfortable. The older cousins turned the cabin into their "cousin's club" and sat in it while telling stories to each other. I think that friendships were strengthened, and I love that.

Look at all that smoke behind us!

Happy Birthday Amri!
Back to Routine

I really like the busyness and spontaneity of Summer. I think we do well at making the most of it. But I couldn't live that way all the time. I think that part of what makes it fun is that is is different from the norm. Sometimes...especially this year...I found myself just trying to catch my breath though. Because of this, I am happy that school has started and that we are starting to find our feet again.

This year, we have ALL of our kids in school for the first time ever. Also, without the need for a nanny any more, we have been able to hire a housekeeper. These two things have opened up new doors of possibility for Rachel and me as far as career goes, as well as for time together. We have already started the Monday-breakfast-date tradition, and Rachel is getting back into community work (something she hasn't been able to do much of since we lived in Cleveland!). She is also able to volunteer more in the kid's classrooms, and we are both able to have individual time for us, usually resulting in workouts at the gym, one-on-one dates with kids, special projects around the house, or hikes in the mountains.

Here's a little hike that Ev and I did last weekend. It started with some scrambling down through some "caves" until we got to the riverbed. The dam was closed, so we thought we'd explore things a bit.

Right below the dam there were tons of these smooth bowl shaped areas in the rocks where water and sand had worn things away.

Sitting next to the flood gates. To be honest, it was a little eerie.

Hiking down the riverbed (dubbed "Dragonfly Canyon" by Evelyn), we were able to find some secluded natural pools that hadn't evaporated yet. She called this area "Hidden Lakes." It's somewhat enchanting.
All the kids have been loving school. Jack is excited about his homework of reading to his younger siblings each night, and Evelyn and Addy love their "challenge" class. Each of them are also getting involved in extracurricular activities. For Evelyn, this means an art group/class. Addy has started gymnastics at a local gym. Jackson does archery (sort of non-traditional and cool) and a culture/cooking group. And Maren does dance. It sounds like a is a lot...but it somehow all fits very comfortably into our week and we feel much less overextended this year than we did last year at this time. That's a relief.

Back to school pictures. This one's a little awkward. Fourth grade.

Second Grade

Second Grade


Oh my gosh, this picture makes me smile every time I see it. Lindsey is sooo excited about preschool.

Another part of routine that I didn't even realize I missed comes from our activities at church. I have started playing weekly in the band again- something I haven't done for at least a couple of months because I was always gone, but which feel natural to me now and is something I look forward to. Also, Rachel and I have been asked to co-teach a class on parenting- a fact which shows that we are good at pretending to be in control while in public.
We don't really do studio pictures much, but the church had professional photographers come in to make their annual directory. Enjoy this, because it's probably the only time you'll see it. Still, I think it turned out pretty good.
In short, things are going really, really well. After this summer I feel like I do at the end of a long race- tired, but fulfilled...and happy to be breathing normally again.

Have a good week!

Oh- and I did NOT forget about Addy and Jack's birthday. There will be a whole post on it next week.